Installing Chrome in Windows Server 2019 using Powershell

When downloading third-party software or files on Windows Server, it can be a daunting task using Internet Explorer and the default security settings. To make the process easier, it is prefered to use Google’s Chrome browser but again it is not a straight-forward task to install.

There is a command which can silently install Chrome in the background and it requires Powershell to be ran as administartor and inputting the following command:

$LocalTempDir = $env:TEMP; $ChromeInstaller = "ChromeInstaller.exe"; (new-object    System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('', "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller"); & "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller" /silent /install; $Process2Monitor =  "ChromeInstaller"; Do { $ProcessesFound = Get-Process | ?{$Process2Monitor -contains $_.Name} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name; If ($ProcessesFound) { "Still running: $($ProcessesFound -join ', ')" | Write-Host; Start-Sleep -Seconds 2 } else { rm "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose } } Until (!$ProcessesFound)

Chrome will now be installed and downloading software and files from the internet will be easier.



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